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Passive investors needed for Secure-Debt financing business

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Passive investors needed for Secure-Debt financing business
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Roger Teo
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Hi value investor, 

For passive investors looking for a business to invest in - We are into the micro-financing (secure-debt) business and are offering our passive investors a fixed interest income of 10-12% per annum. Short tenure 10-12 months only. We have many years of good track records. We have been supporting many Singapore SMEs and social enterprises in emerging markets.  We are a multi-diversifying company needing more funds to expand our global footprints in the emerging market. You may consider putting your fund with us.   

For the business owners - our attractive 10-12% per annum returns can help you cover a lot of interest from financial institutions. By putting some of your extra fund with us,  you will earn this 8-10% p.a interest where you can use it to cover, for example, your TBL(2.4-5%p.a), working loan(3.5-5%p.a), business term loan(7-12%p.a), equipment & machinery loan(1.8-2.5%p.a), or even commercial property loan(1.8-2.5%p.a).  Please call/WhatsApp Roger Teo at 84886736 for a non-obligatory Zoom appointment/face-to-face discussion.  

If you are keen to know about our company, its financing model, how your investment can generate a steady passive stream of income 8-10% per annum, and how you can participate, please call/WhatsApp Roger Teo at 84886736 for a non-obligatory Zoom appointment/ face to face discussion.  

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