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For Sale: Ai-Driven Health Business That You Can Expand In Southeast Asia

Central AreaHome Health Care
Asking Price: S$10,000
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  • Premise Type Office Building
  • Premise Size 600 sqft / 56 sqm
  • Monthly Rental N/A
  • Rental Desposit N/A
  • Revenue N/A
  • Liability N/A
  • Gross Profit N/A
  • Net Profit N/A
  • Stock N/A
  • FFE N/A
  • Payable N/A
  • Receivable N/A
  • Owner Role Full Time
  • Staff 4
  • Established 2013
  • Source Broker

Reason For Sale

Business is Poised for Expansion


This business can be done by a person with or without knowledge, as this is assisted by Artificial Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence would bridge the knowledge gap in no time, and you just need a 30 minutes session to learn how to use it. Also the business has sales commission of up to 50%, and poised to grow to Southeast Asia.

We have financial payment solutions that allow you to recruit partners all over Southeast Asia that we can make rewards payment for you.

For those people who wish to find out more before committing more financial resources, you may start with S$ 199 / S$ 350 and then you decide whether to commit S$ 10,000 or more.

You can try out our products that have a lot of beneficial effects on cancer patients. We are prevented by law to make any comments that our nutritional supplements have any therapeutic effects on cancer and chronic diseases. However, there are a lot of people who got well after taking our supplements, but we cannot state that it is because of our nutritional supplements.

Our Chief Scientist, Dr Zulkifli Bin Othman Curran, has helped a lot of people with chronic diseases feel better, only that we cannot claim that his nutritional supplements can have therapeutic effects on diseases. Do contact us to learn more success stories.

For sale is a groundbreaking business in the rapidly evolving health and wellness sector, leveraging advanced artificial intelligence to deliver personalized nutrition and wellness plans. Oracle AI Health is at the forefront of integrating AI with health analytics to offer tailored health solutions based on individual test results such as urine, homocysteine, and blood tests.

This business is perfectly positioned for expansion into the Southeast Asian market, which is experiencing burgeoning demand for health and wellness services. With its sophisticated AI platform, Oracle AI Health provides a unique value proposition by analyzing health data to recommend optimal nutritional interventions. This approach not only caters to a growing health-conscious consumer base but also capitalizes on the increasing trend towards personalized healthcare.

The opportunity includes a fully developed suite of health products validated by extensive research and endorsements from health professionals. With the existing infrastructure, new owners can easily scale operations across Southeast Asian countries, leveraging the widespread adoption of digital health solutions in the region.

Oracle AI Health offers a compelling business model that combines advanced technology with a solid foundation in health science, making it an ideal investment for those looking to enter or expand in the health tech industry. This venture promises not only substantial financial returns but also the chance to make a significant impact on the health and well-being of populations across Southeast Asia.

Business Operation

When considering the physical asset requirements for running this AI-driven health business, prospective buyers will find the demands minimal. As the business model is designed with efficiency in mind, we maintain all necessary inventory, alleviating the need for extensive physical storage or warehousing on the buyer's part. The management of the business can be handled conveniently through a notebook or even a mobile phone, thanks to our comprehensive online systems that ensure ease of access and operation from anywhere. Additionally, all AI technology critical to our operations runs on our robust physical assets; thus, there is no need for purchasers to invest in specialized hardware for AI processing. This setup makes it an ideal opportunity for entrepreneurs looking to enter the health technology space with a lean operational approach.
In the rapidly growing health tech sector, potential competitors for this AI-driven health business primarily include other companies leveraging technology to provide personalized health and wellness services. These competitors might range from established health tech firms offering similar AI-powered nutritional and wellness planning, to new startups innovating in the areas of mobile health applications and personalized medicine. Furthermore, traditional healthcare providers and wellness coaches who are increasingly adopting digital tools could also pose a competitive threat. However, the unique integration of AI with detailed health diagnostics gives this business a competitive edge by offering more precise and personalized recommendations than many generic health and wellness apps currently on the market. The challenge lies in staying ahead of technological advancements and continuously enhancing user experience and accuracy of health assessments to maintain a competitive advantage in this fast-evolving industry.
The expansion potential of this AI-driven health business into Southeast Asia is exceptionally promising due to the region's increasing adoption of digital health solutions and a growing awareness of personalized healthcare. Southeast Asia, with its diverse and tech-savvy population, presents a fertile ground for introducing advanced health technology that leverages AI for personalized nutrition and wellness plans. Our business is well-positioned to capitalize on this opportunity with speed and agility, allowing us to penetrate these emerging markets rapidly. Our streamlined operations, minimal physical asset requirements, and robust online systems enable us to scale quickly across multiple countries. By moving swiftly, we are poised to establish a strong market presence and gain a competitive advantage, reaching customers across Southeast Asia before many competitors have the chance to react.
Expansion Potential
We provide comprehensive support and training to ensure our partners and their teams can maximize the potential of our AI-driven health business. Our dedicated online system is designed to facilitate easy access to a wealth of resources, including detailed training modules, marketing tools, and real-time support, allowing partners to effectively manage and grow their business. This platform also extends to their partners, ensuring that everyone involved is well-equipped and informed. Whether it's understanding the intricacies of our AI technology, mastering the business operations, or leveraging our marketing strategies, our online system and support team are committed to guiding our partners every step of the way, ensuring they have all the tools necessary for success.
Support and Training
Ambitious to Expand to Southeast Asia
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Yes, seller financing is available.
Depending on amount & immediate transfer of products (along with business) to you, the financing can be arranged with banks and financing partners.
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Partners of this AI-driven health business benefit from a highly convenient arrangement regarding office space, as they are welcome to utilize our well-equipped office facilities. This setup eliminates any concerns about leasing separate office spaces, reducing overhead costs and logistical complexities. Our partners can freely access all the necessary amenities and resources needed to conduct their business efficiently and effectively. This arrangement not only simplifies operations but also fosters a collaborative environment where partners can engage directly with our team, enhancing communication and streamlining processes.
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